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Discussion in 'Support' started by Whining jet, Dec 23, 2013.

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      Hello. My pulsatilla tinnitus started in 2005 or so with a low humming,which I could stand. I was a church organist. I attributed it to that, although that is not loud music. It upscaled itself over the years to crickets, screeches, constant hums, now it is too loud and raucous to bear. Yes, sometimes like a jet whine with little talking and singing as a background. I have been to eet, had MRI of head. Nothing. Ear dr wants me to buy a hearing aid.....sometimes noise blocks out voices, or, they are too low to hear. All I tAlk to say donT buy, as they don't work and they are not worth the money.......this one was 6,000.00.....

      Sleep makes it go away but it ALWAYS starts up again mid afternoon. It is twice as bad ( I can't stand it) before a storm of any kind. I figured because the barometric pressure is down. Perhaps that has a part to play. I can't sleep. My dr gave me Ativan which helped some My husband,my best friend, and light of my life died 3 months ago has been worse since then . Actually painful. My doc wants me to stop the Ativan now and do anti depressants. I've had them before and don't like feeling like a zombie.

      Help! Help!! Find me a doc who treats tinnitus? Is there such a phenomenon?
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      Hi, @Whining jet, and welcome!

      I certainly understand what you're going through right now. I have both ringing and pulsating tinnitus, too. My pulsating never goes away; it's with me constantly, and it's kind of like a drumbeat sound. The ringing is really a high-pitched, constant hissing sound, and mine gets worse in the afternoon, too. And I've also noticed that a change in barometric pressure can make it even worse.

      Have you tried out a hearing aid yet, for your tinnitus? You can usually do a 30-day free trial of hearing aids to see if they will work for you. It might be worthwhile to at least give them a try. I did try two different types of hearing aids myself. The first one was an in-the-ear-canal type, and I wasn't able to get used to it. The second one I tried was a little bit better; it was the external kind. However, after wearing it for awhile, it made my pulsating even worse, so I had to take it back. Some people are really helped by hearing aids, so it might be worth giving them a free trial, at least.

      It's hard to find a doctor who treats tinnitus. For pulsating tinnitus, I was referred by my ENT to a neurotologist. Often, neurotologists have a better understanding of what pulsatile tinnitus is all about. And -- pulsatile tinnitus is a different condition, because it is often vascular in nature. I know you've had an MRI, but have you had a CT scan with contrast dye? That test can sometimes find the cause of PT, when an MRI cannot.

      You could consider asking your ENT or audiologist for a referral to a neurotologist or neurologist in your area. Perhaps that type of doctor could be of more help in diagnosing your condition.

      Also, have you checked out It is a website for people like us who have pulsatile tinnitus. There is lots of information there, plus stories of "Cured Whooshers", that will give you hope!

      I wish you well, and am so sorry for the loss of your husband. Please stay in touch, and update us on how you are doing.

      Best wishes,
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      hi, im having a hard time at present but feel compelled to comment. there seem to be a few interesting clues here. the inconsistent nature of your T is something that invites management I would guess. sleep makes it go away. most people I know wake up from sleep with it worse. and for it to actually go away, that's something most would give their right arm for. In your position I would absolutely maximize rest, minimize stress. Personal loss is a massive stress but will recede over time, just know your loved one wouldnt want you to be suffering another moment. If you can try exercise and laughter before embarking on meds, we still dont know how they work and my wife told me even a top pysch recently said she would never prescribe herself. I know this is controversial,anecdotal, all Im saying is you need to deal with your grief in a way which wont mess things up further. just my opinion but i feel for your situation. best of luck.
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      The best treatment out there as of now.. Which only treats the psychological and emotional aspect of T is probably TRT. The best thing as of now is habuitation. And its okay to take an anxiety med while going through the process. T is enough itself, so if you need a drug to calm you down while your in counseling, its okay because you will learn how to deal with your anxieties
      And be taught a habuitation process to cope inwhich afterwards you WONT need drugs because you will no longer care about T and react.
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      If the Ativan helps why stop taking it.....? I have tried several different antidepressants and they haven't helped with my T or with bereavement issues.

      I'm so sorry about your husband.
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      There are psychologists and psychiatrists who specialize in tinnitus treatment. Sometimes they are far and few between though. If you're getting your prescriptions from a physician, I would consider seeking treatment from an actual psychiatrist for psychiatry issues. They are more knowledgeable about psychiatric issues, obviously.

      I'm sorry to hear about your husband. On top of the tinnitus, you're also dealing with a major life event. That would be difficult for anyone, not just someone with tinnitus. A psychiatrist might be able to work with you better.
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      i thought i heard that you get a trial for about a month or so with hearing aids, maybe you can try them and see if they work, if not give them back.Talk to your doctor about that but usually they have a time frame where you can get your money back.

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