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      Age:67; single; retired; pool player. Tinnitus for fifteen years. I get 10% service connected for tinnitus. Learned of the site from TSMB. The amount of time that I find my tinnitus bothersome, has been slowly but steadily decreasing to now less then 10% of the time.

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      I had to google service connected, and the first hit was about Veterans.

      Do you really only get $127 a month for tinnitus? Do I understand correctly that you got tinnitus while in active duty?

      How did they measure it's 10% and not, e.g., 30%? Or is tinnitus rated by standard at 10% in VA pensions/disability?

      You are probably one of the folks I'd love to interview for the Knowledge Base's "Success Stories" that we're going to put up. Depending on participant's willingness the interview could be conducted via video, audio or text. Less than 10% is a success in my book, and since it's gradually continued decreasing, only 0% is the limit. :)
      Don't worry about the interview right now though, it's all based on volunteerism and probably would be due in summer/fall. When it's time, I'm going to approach some people who have more or less successfully habituated / got better and ask if they'd be interested.

      Have you tried any specific treatments or has it mostly been the classic time heals approach?

      Welcome aboard, matey!
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      I use to play pool when I was younger. Hanging with friends, 8 ball. It helped to have a good pool stick. I was in a bar one time, the opponent sunk the 8 ball on the break.

      Anyway, that's great to hear your not bothered by the Tinnitus. 15 years with T. That's a lot more than I got, I'm a beginner. Do you, or have you ever taken any medication to sleep? Anyway, lots of supportive smart people in here. I'm going play some golf some day.

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