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Discussion in 'Support' started by Graham Price, Jan 12, 2014.

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      I want to ask questions and receive information, but first I should introduce myself.

      My name is Graham, I am 66 years old and I live in Melbourne Australia.
      I have had tinnitus for about 25+ years but I don't remember specifically when it started or if there were any events/conditions that might have caused it to start. I don't really know how loud it is as hearing is so subjective. It is loud enough to effect my hearing and I have some difficulty hearing people talk. Its a loud constant hiss or hasssshhh sound, a bit like white noise, usually at one constant pitch but occasionally changing. I think my mother had T, at least occasionally, so maybe there is a genetic link. I generally manage to block it out, particularly when I am concentrating on work.
      I have a longer and, I think interesting, history with my T but its too long to include here in this introductory post. Also, I have developed a theory about what tinnitus is and how it starts, but I won't describe this here.

      What I want to do is ask if there is anyone whose tinnitus stops or isn't present, even for brief periods? Has anyone come across any situations where specific things or environments appear to cause tinnitus to stop or not be present? I am looking for evidence to support or refute my theory.

      Please respond by posting to this forum or by email direct to:

      I look forward to receiving responses. Cheers for now. Graham

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