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      Hello guys,

      Most of the time I read that the tinnitus comes from loud noise, but my story is different and I would like to share it. Mainly to get it from my chest, but also in the hope that someone has the same tinnitus cause together with all same crazy complaints as I have.

      So about 3 yrs ago I was really anxious about getting a disease after a nasty incedent. Since I had to wait 3 months for the testresults, I panicked like crazy in the meantime. I was really scared I got something. I panicked and drove myself crazy for several months basically. So one day I felt a big sting right on the back of my head and the next day in the train I heard noise from inside my head: my tinnitus.

      It got very loud and I couldnt sleep anymore. Crazy whistling and heartbeating. So when I got out of the place I was living, my tinnitus and hearbeating turned all the way down all of a sudden. Problem solved you would think..

      I managed to get my hearbeat down to acceptable, but I have a lot of things that make my life difficult.
      First the lack of quality sleep is very frustrating. I sleep 8 hrs maybe, but I dont sleep very deep as I used too. There is a misterious pressure on my forehead when trying to sleep. I wake up tired, wanting to sleep more. From all the lack of sleep I have now bags under my eyes :( . Also my muscles have spasms. The louder the tinnitus, the more spams. Muscles all over my body start to contract by themselves when my t is bad. When I for instance lift something my hands start shaking, my muscle arms are shaking. All the pictures I take with my phone are blury because I shake with my hands a bit. When I am doing sports I get cramp in my leg muscle extremely fast (used to be a prof athlete). The worst thing of all probably is that in the sack/sexytime I only last for a couple of minutes now. The first time I had sex after I got tinnitus I was like wtf why am I coming so fast. Right.. must be another great effect of my tinnitus

      So despite all these issues I do manage to live a reasonable normal life as possible. I have a fulltime job, I play sports go out with friends and my personality keeps my spirit up.

      Now recently I have developed another crazy spike after I was driving a car for some days. The car made a ferm noise due to a broken part. I panicked again in my mind that it was really dangerous to drive. So when I got my car back from the shop and started to drive it again. Immediately boom my tinnitus started to spike big time. It even transfered to other cars as well now :(

      Now I lended the car out to family because im unable to drive it without my t going crazy.. sounds ridicilous right. But the truth is this stupid ringing has made me a hostage in my own body.

      When I stay out of the places which spike my T then I can have an okay life, but to be honest it really hurts to see myself struggling so much. Clearly my T starts after I have a panick attack / big stress moment.

      I never give up, but the fact I have gotten this Tinnitus so cheapely and there is no cure is really painfull. For such a small cause the price you pay is hughe. I get to know more and more about my T whichs helps to manage it better and hopefully get the right treatment one day to get rid of it. (currently reasearching EMDR)

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      late 2017
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      noise injury
      Big stress combined with a loss of hearing is known to cause tinnitus, did you get tested for hearing loss or have any known hearing loss?
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      My hearing is perfectly normal, no issues with that.
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