Introduction: Where to Start with All This Great Knowledge?

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      I wrote that I've had tinnitus since 2010 but in reality I'm not sure when it started - it could have always been with me but as an adult it's been more noticeable. Like some of you, I actually have learned to appreciate it and feel sometimes like I can control it (in an uncomfortable meeting, I 'tune it in' and pay attention to the noise and not the discomfort).

      I am interested, though, in some of the new things I'm seeing/hearing and would value tips on where to start on this forum to find ideas like this as it can be overwhelming:
      • It's always in my left ear, but from time to time I get a loud (different pitch than left ear) sound in my right ear that I can close my eyes and tune into. It fades after 10-15 seconds. It's been happening more often lately in these stressful times.
      • I am curious more about the link between ADHD and tinnitus - if it's really a sound that our overactive mind generates based on perceived (but not present) vibrations, it feels logical to link the two.
      • I've never been diagnosed ADHD but definitely have an overactive mind - it would be ironic to me if tinnitus was both caused by ADHD and a comfort (I can rely on it to calm me if I tune into it)...
      Thoughts on how to start here to build a community with a few of you? I'm on the East Coast here in Maine, USA.


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