Is it all about anxiety?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Martin69, Jul 18, 2014.

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      I read through today. I guess most of you know the TRT treatment, at least from theory. Dr. Hazell explains there that anxiety is one of the most common triggers for T onset. This was definitely in my case. High anxiety because of some body pain symptoms. He also explains that anxiety feeds perception of T.

      I can remember my T started from 0 to 100 in just a second. It had my full concentration. But it changed between mild and ultra-high in the beginning. Finally it settled down to the high-pitched dog whistle. Nevertheless, I am still wondering if anxiety is still the amplifier for a loud T.

      I can also remember one case on the internet where someone got loud T after a yoga course when he concentrated on the silence. My wife also sometimes has ringing in her ears. But she simply doesn't care.

      So are we just stuck in an anxiety loop? But can millions of people who have T all have anxiety?
      Just rambling here.

      Greeting from a very hot Germany today (39 degrees C)
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    2. valeri

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      I would like to know why t doesn't go away when the stress/stressors are gone?

      Or why it doesn't go away even when people habituate and it's not causing them any anxiety anymore?

      Permanency and unpredictability of it is a damn thing!
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      Oh so many pieces to this puzzle, just had a huge rhyme or reason. But I absolutely believe stress or stress hormones add to my Take care everyone.
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      I know my T gets worse with stress, as both have increased over the last month. But from what I have read here on the forum, there are many factors that can increase T either temporarily or seemingly permanently. I have had increases with anxiety and body tension and the T got better when these passed, but I believe it is an individual experience.

      Luckily, there are many people who share similar experiences and I hope you will find lots of support as I have, and soon go back to a level of decreased sound. We aren't going to get to habituation if we obscess about it. I think acceptance is the key. I felt habituated until this past month, but I am optimistic I will get there again. Hopefully, that will be true for you!
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      One day at a time,some days the anxiety there,then it takes a nose dive.So I take it one day at a time,normally by late afternoon it's gone,so I know it will go,just the time your in it is the worse,maybe it's just some of us with this do just produce more of this stress hormone than others who don't get the anxiety ,or a fleeting anxiety which passes quickly.So many pieces to the puzzle,you hit the nail on the head Leah in relation to its behavior.
      My husbands never had anxiety with his,but me totally the opposite.Dont think I will ever understand the workings of it,does it affect females different due to our body make up who knows.were all different.Distraction away from it is best way to go,try not to give it the time of day.Think of everyone out there at TT this day.

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