Is It Useful to Take Benzos for Noise Induced Tinnitus/Hyperacusis Spike?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Arseny, Feb 23, 2019.


Is it reasonable or useful to take benzos for noise induced spike to recover faster?

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    1. Arseny

      Arseny Member

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      Possibly from problems with blood flow
      I'm experiencing a spike both in tinnitus and hyperacusis from being exposed to fireworks 250 - 300 m away from me.

      I wore earplugs and earmuffs and sound level was totally fine with double protection (it felt like 70-80 dB max) however I could feel an air wave hitting my body and my lungs from some of the artillery shots (yes they were using cannons to shoot fireworks).

      Now 10 minutes later at the mall I'm experiencing burning neuropathic pain around my ears, my temples and base of the skull (hyperacusis). Tinnitus has definitely spiked too.

      So the question is, is it reasonable or useful to take benzos to take down a spike?

      I suspect that each time a person experiences a spike from very loud noise there might be a temporary threshold shift.
      And the spike resolves by itself when hearing is regained.

      However is it useful to take benzos to lower the hyperactivity in the brain before temporary threshold shift is gone?
      Will it make a positive difference in recovery from a spike?
    2. MBH

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      Overloaded stress
      You can wait out the spikes, but if you need meds look into them very careful. I work on my body to feel right. You have to work on yours.

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