Is LDL (Loudness Discomfort Level) Test Representative of Actual Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sevv, Jul 13, 2021.

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      Hello everyone.

      I have an upcoming appointment with a specialist for hyperacusis because it would be good to have an actual detailed diagnosis to show other people (like my boss) what my limitations are.

      There will be various hearing tests.

      I am already aware that acoustic reflex test and tympanometry are a big no-no with hyperacusis, so I will not undergo these. And with loudness discomfort test you have to be extra careful.

      As far as I've read LDL tests are done with beeps, but that might only be partially representative of real-life LDL (for example I am more sensitive to vibrating and distorted sounds).

      What are your experiences? I can still cancel the appointment at this point.

      Furthermore: Are there any other tests that I have to be careful about?

      Thanks for your help.
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      I don't think that measuring LDL is very helpful, because each person is sensitive to a certain noise/frequency.

      For example I was tested for Acoustic Reflex Test and Tympanometry and I was ok, but I cannot bear my own voice (75 dB).

      I can stand a normal conversation (65 dB), but when I used the hair clippers (quite silent, 60-65 dB), I got big pain the next day. Same with phone speakers.

      So for me it's more important to endure everyday sounds, which are different than artificial LDL sounds used in tests.
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