Is My Intolerance Towards Certain Sounds (No Ear Pain) Considered Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by donotringatme, Sep 25, 2020.

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      I recently found out about hyperacusis after searching for tinnitus.

      I’ve had probably 2-3 years of intolerance towards certain sounds but no pain whatsoever, just mentally not fond of them. Babies crying, kitchen objects banging together (that drives me nuts) and motorbikes. I didn’t really have pain ever, just a mild annoying sensation to the front of my forehead if that makes sense, plus closing my eyes.

      After tinnitus I would say it got a bit worse, still no pain but mentally I think it effects me more. I don’t shy away from the city sounds, I don’t wear ear protection and I don’t really feel any pain when exposed to them but it’s as if I’m too aware now, with a mild fullness sensation.

      Is this considered hyperacusis? I also notice that being exposed to the city sounds kind of gets my tinnitus to the loudest pitch, although not really sure. I also had an MRI last week which definitely made it to the loudest pitch, which scared me. One last thing I feel is the inability to “tense” my ears during an incoming loud sound, trying to protect them. I think there’s a muscle doing that, I get the sense that I can’t do it anymore.

      I read that TRT isn’t advisable for tinnitus less than 4 months old. What are my options regarding tests, sounds etc?

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