Is My Neck Causing My Tinnitus or Is It Something Else?

Discussion in 'Support' started by truesilence, Jan 26, 2016.

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      My T is now becoming more painful and intrusive. My neck, shoulders head jaw and are constantly sore and tight, but the muscles spasms do vary in their location and intensity. I know that this can cause T, but I can't help thinking that the cause of my the tension might be the result of some sort auditory malfunction ie somatic nerves have gone loopy because they are getting wrong information from the dorsal cochlear. I only say this because I've read on TT that many people can manipulate their T with head/ neck/ jaw movements, and I'm wondering whether my auditory system has sort of ' recruited' my somatic nerves to compensate for auditory loss.

      Or am I talking out of my arse?
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      West End show. Came back 2015 vitamin D overdose prescribed
      In my opinion, you have it the wrong way around. Either your neck problem is actually the cause of your T, that is very common or the tension created by having T is causing you to tense all you neck and shoulder muscles.
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