Is There Anything That Helps?

Discussion in 'Support' started by S.withnell, Jan 1, 2015.

    1. S.withnell

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      Hi all happy new year from England.
      I'm having a spike due to the fireworks and my head is still full of a head cold that won't shift.
      So that doesn't help at all.

      Just want to know is there anything at all that helps , I know there is no cure.
      But I mean has any one took any kind of vitermins or medication that just helps or makes you think it's help.

      It's like I've seen a lot of different herbal remedies that help and in a way is there any harm in trying?

      Also still hoping mine is down to viral infection.

      Well at least colds don't help though.
    2. Gabrielle
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      Unknown, maybe bad syringing
      Hi S.withneel, happy NY from the Netherlands. I'm having a spike as well, not due the fireworks, it started when I woke up this morning, very loud T, after 3 good days, even a complete quiet day yesterday!

      I was hoping and thinking I left the 'circle' of anxiety and fear and slowly was coming to habituation....

      But now I really now Dr. Nagler is right: Tinnitus is unpredictalbe.
      When you think it will go better and even it's quiet for a whole day and very low a few other days.... it can come back soooooo loud....... eventhough I was relaxed, no stress, no fear, no anxiety....

      So I don't think there is anything that helps, no vitermins or medication. The only thing that 'helps' is living one day at the time and not be afraid of the future. Even not think of the future. So luckly I'm handle it quiet well, this loud spike... I try to stay calm and have faith that it will calm down and the T will be less loud tommorrow....

      What a year 2014 has been.... Suddenly out of the blue T started May 3th. I will never forget....

      Hopefully 2015 will be better. We have to live with it,.... we are all in the same boat. Hopefully we can cope better with it in this new year and habituate to it. It feels 'good' by no reacting on my T. Just let it be there... and hoping for a lower volume tommorrow....

      Hope for you 2015 wil also be a better year, let's 'forget' 2014....

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      Noise Exposure
      Interesting Gabrielle, "even though I was relaxed, no stress, no fear, no anxiety...." I thought it was just me. My expectation was that if you got these things under control and your sleep, then the T would decline. My experience has been the same, and agree T is unpredictable. I feel I have minimized any influences and T is what it chooses to be. Today it is probably the best it has been in the last 5 months after 3 noisy days. Who knows what tomorrow brings and your right not to worry, only live for today, not the past or the future.
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    4. giffordw

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      Does your T really go up and down or is it that it bothers you more some times than others? Mine is constant although some times I can ignore it more than others.
    5. Karen

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      Hi, @S.withnell,

      I've tried a lot of herbal remedies, therapies, etc.,. and there are two supplements that seem to help me. The first one is NAC (N-acetylcistene), which helps protect the ears from further damage, and may help slightly with tinnitus. The other is magnesium. I take magnesium chloride, because it is absorbed quickly by the body, and is very calming.

      Those are probably the best of the supplements I've tried. You could experiment and see if they work for you. It's best with these, as with any natural supplement, to try it for a few weeks before judging whether or not it works. Most supplements take time to build up in the body before you begin to notice any difference.

      Worth a try, and please update us if you decide to try either of these.

      Best wishes,

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