Is This a Spike? Louder Tinnitus After Waking Up

Discussion in 'Support' started by Paul Burdett, Jul 26, 2016.

    1. Paul Burdett

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      Loud noise
      Hi all,
      Two years in with T and still trying to cope. I know I think about it too much, but hey, when it's louder than anything else how can you not think about it! Anyhow, here's my question. Like many people I get good and bad days. Every morning when I wake up it's there. However, most times after a hot shower it lessons to the point that it's almost gone entirely for the rest of the day. I know I should be happy with that as many have it 24/7 and I am grateful for the good days. For the past year I seem to have maybe 2-3 "bad" days out of 7. Over the school holidays (I'm a teacher) despite the loud morning I had 8 days straight with little to no was heaven! First day back at school and "bang" it's back...and not many "good days". In the last 16 days I've only had about 4 good days...less than usual. I know anxiety and stress is a trigger (planning to retire at the end of this year). Is this what you call a "spike"...or is a spike an increase in volume? I'm hoping it doesn't last too much longer as I'm really trying to remain positive.
      Thank you for reading this, and peace to everyone suffering from this dreaded affliction.
    2. BobDigi
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      You should be glad you get brakes. Enjoy them when you get them. I've had no let off for 2 years now. Good luck pal. And enjoy the quiet times.
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      Everyone is unique to some extent. An increase like you mention for has happened in this one year I have had T. I tried to stay away from loud environments and it helped eventually. I also use dB reducing earplugs some days.

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