Is This Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sarah Farrington, Feb 20, 2015.

    1. Sarah Farrington

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      Hi all!

      I have had for 6 days now a vibration in my left ear, it is more of a feeling than a sound but if I had to liken it to something it would be similar to an car engine, a low rumbling vibration.

      The strange thing is as soon as I talk it disappears, same for any outside noise, so when I have radio/tv on it completely goes. This isn't me being distracted by another noise, I can literally feel the vibration stop. Even me typing this message is making it stop/start from the press of each key.

      Is it normal for tinnitus to do this or is it more likely to be something like a muscle spasm?

      Any help is hugely appreciated! Thank You!
    2. MCarrie

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      not sure
      T is more ringing, or an eeeeee sound. Not sure about vibration though. Have you seen a doctor about it? If not, you should if it's gone on for a week now.
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      buzzing shaver/laptop fan whine/pellet gun/music/caff/wax/ eardrum red
      I have T and vibration sometimes. When i dont focus on it, it will stop vibrating, but my T still here

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