Is Your Tinnitus Louder Than the Noise of Swallowing?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Armin, Apr 17, 2024.


Is your tinnitus louder than the noise of swallowing?

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    1. Armin

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      Hello, fellow sufferers,

      I suffer from tinnitus, which I perceive as very loud and annoying and can be heard over all ambient noise.

      On the other hand, I realized that the noise from the throat, which is generated at the moment of swallowing, is louder than my tinnitus. At the same time, I realized that I never hear the noise my body is generating at the moment of swallowing, which should be every minute.

      So when my brain is able to tune out the noise of swallowing, it should be possible to tune out the tinnitus as well as it is even softer.

      What do you think about that? Is your tinnitus also softer than the noise of swallowing?

      Thank you!
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