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      Hi All,

      Went diving June this year and over equalised and therfore ruptured my inner ear "round window rupture" after days of being stranded in egypt i came home and made an oppointment with my local Doctors on the 5th july....Normal GP responce didnt have a clue and sent me to the hospital for an oppointment with the ENT dept (this is on the 9th august)... so not sure what they are going to say.

      From the 14th july i have been suffering with a constant high pitched noice in my left ear and never lets up you think its the ear mending and thats why its ringing....ive been looking on the web which is not the best thing you can do...can seems theres no medical cure out someone stop the bloody ringing...going mad here... Paul...:mad:
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      Seems a long wait, over a month for an ENT.. did you think about going private (if you have the funds?). But of course August 9th is only a couple of weeks away from now anymore.

      Anyway, you are not alone with your round window rupture and what I've gathered tinnitus is oftentimes reported alongside.

      I wouldn't worry too much just yet, it (tinnitus) might very well go away in due time. Tinnitus is only classified as chronic at (usually) 6 months, sometimes even 12.. And people have reported their "chronic" tinnitus going away after years of suffering, so nothing is set in stone!

      And while the worst case scenario sounds really bad to you right now, living with tinnitus for a longer period of time, even indefinitely, it very often gets better in time. The word is "habituation", and it really happens. I do hear my tinnitus daily, even constantly if I wanted to, but I'm doing okay now... It has been over a year now.

      Hope everything goes okay for you!


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