It's Helping Me, So I'm Hoping It Will Help Others

Discussion in 'Support' started by Davey, Feb 26, 2015.

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      I have subjective tinnitus since I can remember and I'm only 26 years old. At a young age I noticed a dreadful sound, but it wasn't that loud so it was fading into the background. Years went by and sometimes I noticed the dreadful sound, but I didn't care about it. Until one day, my dad saw an documentary about a woman with tinnitus and she wanted to euthanize. So he was talking about it and that sparked something negative in me. I was searching for that dreadful sound and it came back. It was loud, I never experienced that loud and I became depressed.

      Since then I made it my mission to reduce the sound of my subjective tinnitus. On the way I noticed a few things:

      - stress increases tinnitus;
      - focus increases tinnitus;
      - salt increases tinnitus;
      - loud noises increases tinnitus;
      - relaxation reduces tinnitus;
      - positivity reduces tinnitus;
      - distraction reduces tinnitus.

      Now I have found something that works for me, so i'm hoping that it will work for others.

      1. Go to this website
      2. There is a application with 9 pulse sounds. Listen to all 9 sounds and be aware of which pulse sound has a positive effect on your tinnitus(Mine is Pulse 5)
      3. If you found a pulse sound with a positive effect on your tinnitus, download that song from their website and write down what the Khz is(Pulse 5 has 2-4 khz = 2000-4000 hz)
      4. Go to and set it at the same frequency(I did the bar at 4000 hz)
      5. Now play the pulse sound(set it at repeat) and the ACRN together
      6. Listen for about 30 minutes and then put off your headset
      7. Be aware of any changes in your tinnitus

      My experience
      It feels like my subjective tinnitus is pushed to the background and it's easier for me to habituate. After a while it comes back, because my brain(or me) is trying to find that sound.

      I've tried only the ACRN from generalfuzz, with a positive effect, but not for long. My subjective tinnitus came back and I perceived it as a louder sound. With the combination of the pulse therapy and ACRN, I have a better and longer effect. I think the main reason is that both are at the same frequency.

      I hope this will help you people, as it helps me now.
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      I couldn't find the pulse app?
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      It's an webapplication, looks like an music player. It can only be seen in the browser of your computer, not on your mobile phone.

      On the website: "The working application can be found directly beneath this text."
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      thankyou Davey,

      Ill have a look at that now
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      12/2014 became noticable
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      Loss of hearing and then stress and anxiety
      Davey, all of your observations are right on. For me its also anxiety or negative thinking that increases tinnitus loudness. Depression also increases tinnitus volume. Immediate exercise increases tinnitus, but I believe that the benefits are found the next day with lower tinnitus levels.

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