JEALOUS of All Those Normal-Eared People Listening to Music

Discussion in 'Support' started by sjtinguy, Aug 13, 2018.

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      So I've been recovering pretty well from tinnitus and hyperacusis.. life has gone from pure hell to pretty ok most of the time.

      But one thing that still gets me: seeing people dancing and generally enjoying loud music. Not even ridiculously loud music, like just a live band with no amplification is still too loud for me to be comfortable, and forget about music coming out of speakers.. once it's over ~70db even with hearing protection, it's just not fun to be around. These levels are not damaging according to all the data, and especially should not be damaging if wearing hearing protection, but it's still too loud. I guess I'll just have to keep healing and waiting.

      At least I can listen to music in my own home now and not have it bring on an increase in tinnitus.. it actually covers it up now which is awesome. But I still can't handle anything moderately loud, and that's a bummer.. would be nice to be able to participate in a lot of normal social situations which include moderately loud music, and would be awesome to be able to be fully consumed by music again.. though that's probably how I got myself in this situation in the first place ;P
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      Acoustic Trauma, worsened by caloric test/VEMP test 90db nhL
      I am jealous of people who are healthy, jealous of people who have mild T and live ok lives. I am here wasting away at age 28 (my best years), it sucks but hey its life.
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      My cousin just made a post on facebook how excited she is over the Weezer remake of Africa.
      I looked it up on you tube and thought.. sounds exactly like the original. NOT missing a thing!
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      Iā€™m with you brother.......

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