Journal Article: Imaging in Pulsatile Tinnitus

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      Hi everyone, here is an interesting journal article about radiological findings in people with vascular tinnitus. I believe that for a large amount of people with PT the cause can be found and treated but not all of us have access to health care and a doctor who will be willing to advocate for us. Since its rare sometimes the cause its missed in the scans as well. I haven't found the cause for mine yet but I am not giving up.

      Enjoy the article!

      Abstract: Tinnitus may be continuous or pulsatile. Vascular lesions are the most frequent radiologically demonstrable cause of pulsatile tinnitus. These include congenital vascular anomalies (which may be arterial or venous), vascular tumours, and a variety of acquired vasculopathies. The choice of imaging depends on the clinical findings. If a mass is present at otoscopy, thin-section computed tomography (CT) is indicated. In the otoscopically normal patient, there is a range of possible imaging approaches. However, combined CT angiography and venography is particularly useful.

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