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      It's been a while since I've been on this forum. Not that I don't care about tinnitus sufferers. But when my tinnitus isnt bothering me to much I just want to forget it and not being reminded of it. Yes I am escaping it. Probably not the best way to live with T.
      For almost two weeks ago I suddenly got pressure in my ear in the evening. Hadnt had that for 2-3 month.
      Dont have any idea why I got it. Perhaps because I was out in windy weather the day before.
      The T dissapeared as it usually do when having ear pressure.
      I dont know which is worse T or pressure. Pressure is very annoying. There is no escape and you try to blow the ear al the time but that only makes it worse. T is also very annoiyng and causes a lot of anxiety, but as my father always say, At least it doesnt heard.

      Anyway, The pressure was still there the next morning even worse. But fortunatly it startet to go away later that day and was gone in the evening and no T came back. But next morning there were pressure again but went away later. This went on for 3-4 days. That made my worried. But that was it. Until now no pressure. But the other night when going to bed I noticed a slight noise in my ear and the next morning the T was back but sounded a bit different than it used to do. More like a car idling somewhere near. So I was alert.
      Normally it is a constant hum and when in an absolutely quiet room it sometimes changes to a hum of higher frequency. and can fluctuate between this to rapidly on and off randomly. Especially when lying down.

      BTW, isnt it odd that when T is low I have a hard time trying NOT to listen to it. Checking every now and then.

      Thank G. it all went away later that day and I had some days without any tinnitus. Nice vacation!
      But like all other vacation this one didnt last either. Last night when comming home from a short walk, The high frequency was beginnig to return and this morning I woke up hearing that alot. When getting up there were that idling car again. But the higher frequency hum is not so dominat when standing. Tried to check out if it was just worse when lying down or when holding the head down. And yes, when head down it also gets worse. So what does that tell. Dont now. But can tinnitus have anything to do with pressure of some sort. Blod or ear fluid?
      My T changed to the worse and also changed tone and behavier when a got on some medicin half a years ago after a mild stroke. They just put my on different kind of medicin. One of them for lowering blooed pressure. I beliveve they were the culprit. I stopped taking them but didnt reverse the T. I dont have a high blood pressure, but doctors a being extra carefull. Sometimes too carefull. Its like they dont think much of all that junk and their side effect they tell people to take.

      Well, that is were I am now what a sunday bloody sunday. And just had to get load a bit off my mind filled with anxiety.

      I wish all of you a better day.
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