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      New Mexico
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      Music (drummer, with cymbals), shooting (hunter), and I guess bad luck
      Can't believe I hadn't come across this before. I've had non-stop T for - well - 30 years. Had it before periodically, then around 30 years ago - Wham - it moved in and it stayed. I found over the years that some things definitely make it worse, some things seem to help, but silence is never, ever with me. Bothers me the most when I'm in the mountains, camping on a windless night. Others around me enjoy silence. I just keep hearing the "HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS..." I hope that someday before my life is over, I will once again hear silence. I sleep at night with a selection of mellow music loaded on an IPod. Have collections of perhaps 25 songs in each playlist. Helps me fall asleep. Years ago, I used to sleep with the TV on. This is MUCH better. I self-medicate as necessary and basically - I just do what I have to do. 30+ years of having one's head bombarded by T is tough. For any new people to the forum, I wish you the best in learning how to cope and get by. Best wishes.
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      HFHL and stress

      Welcome Francois! I'm happy you found this great site. There is a lot of support and helpful information here. I am sorry you have suffered for so long! You will find compassion and empathy here.

      I once had the good fortune to travel through NM--the land of enchantment--and I loved it.

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