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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Luke123497, May 16, 2014.

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      Hi everybody i'm Luke :) my T started last Saturday (10th May 2014) and although I haven't long and It's not really been annoying me, it is making me slightly paranoid that it will stay like it is forever (even though I already know it will most likely last for a long time) but I am in constant hope that when I wake up the T will just be gone and I will hear silence again.. Anyway I was just wondering if this approach is the best thing to do as I suppose waking up in the morning to hear if my T is still existent is only going to make me dwell on it even more

      Anyway on to how I got the T in the first place! Basically I went to a gig (my first gig!) and started to notice that my hearing had slightly diminished during the gig itself as people literally needed to shout in my ears to communicate with me as I simply couldn't hear them. So anyway I couldn't originally hear the T when the gig finished but I could definitely tell that there was something wrong with my hearing as the sound was muffled and everyone seemed too quiet for me so I just thought that this was the norm and went straight to bed when I got home and as soon as I got in bed that's when the T started and hasn't stopped since (6 days)

      I eventually went to visit a Doctor and he basically checked my ears for a wax buildup and tested my hearing with a tuning fork and surprisingly my hearing was better than average according to the doctor as I could hear frequencies that apparently most people couldn't, the Doctor said the ringing will eventually subside and not to worry about it.

      Anyway i've wrote enough about me.. I was just wondering what are the most effective and easiest ways to make me forget about my T and is it ok to wear headphones when I sleep or will this make it worse?
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      Hi Luke! Welcome.

      I'm a firm believer in trying not to listen for it necessarily! I know I personally want to be in control of my tinnitus, and not have my tinnitus control me. Positive thinking and enjoying the moment is the way to go! (but of course we all have our low days and that happens too.) I, too, have normal hearing and tinnitus-- however, they just check because there is a strong correlation to tinnitus and hearing loss. Also if a sudden hearing loss happens, sometimes if treated quick enough steroids can be administered and some of the damage won't be as bad. ANYWAY.

      The headphones should not harm your tinnitus. I personally wouldn't do it because I think it's uncomfortable, but it definitely should not harm you as long as your music is not dangerously loud. :) Good luck on your tinnitus journey!
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      I would totally take it very easy on your ears for a long time. No iPod, no concerts, no nothing. Live your life, but avoid loud sounds. This could go away. Avoid loud noise! Good luck.

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