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Discussion in 'Support' started by cowdodge, Jun 15, 2014.

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      I know sometimes we feel as we are the only ones in the world with our condition and that makes one depressed. I have a question here to ask of my fellow board members and its about resting and waking up after a nap. I was wondering if anyone has this condition? When I first wake up in the morning or after a short nap my t's will bescreaming and my anxiety levels are going crazy. This last for about five or ten minutes and then I can feel my body start to come down. This to me is one of the worst parts of having t's--not being able to really having a slow restful wake up call but a felling that I cannot control and just haft to wait till the minutes past. After the anxiety attack calms down then I'm tired again. Just a viscous circle. I just hope that with my new hearing aidsthat this might just calm down and maybe I can wake up and not have this flight or fight situation to deal with.-Jon
      PS. Does anyone else get this effect first thing after waking up???? Really would like to know?
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      After a nap my T is a lot louder (same thing happens to my father)

      But after a restful sleep it's usually very quiet for a few moments
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      My tinnitus is has really gotten loud when I awake. It is hard when other family members tell you to just get over it.
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      It's easy to give those advices when you don't have to go through what the other one is.... Even if their intention is good.
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