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Discussion in 'Support' started by Jade, Oct 23, 2013.

    1. Jade

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      Genetics, Beats by Dre, Work
      Hello everyone,

      Been a little while since I have graced this brilliant forum, hope you are well.

      So I have had chronic T since July this year, but you know what SO MANY PPL HAVE RINGING IN THEIR EARS! I work in the mines as most of you know & I have literally asked 90% of my crew (65 ppl) and the vast majority have got T 24/7! & they have had it for years! but guess what, they are still here, they don't let it bother them like the people on here, & yes some might not have it as bad but most of them have it much worse and have had it for years and years. So I decided instead of being the anxious, noise paranoid freak I was turning myself into since the onset of T I will start to go back to doing the things I enjoyed and being more normal lol, however always wearing ear protection in my trucks and I still haven't worn my Beats headphones as I think mine has a lot to do with them. I hope you will find comfort in knowing that this is so common & you're not alone & most of all you will habituate!!!!

      Much love xoxox
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    2. MT09

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      Stress induced.
      @Jade; I was wondering where you went, hadn't seen any posts by you recently. Great to see you doing good! Keep up that attitude, good luck! ;)
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    3. yonkapin

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      March 2012
      Hell yeah buddy, keep it up!
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    4. jes

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      copenhagen denmark
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      Well done beaty i take a caffelatte at the gasstation and we will ring together.
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