Just Was Told I Have Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Joseph Harney, Dec 24, 2014.

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      I really dont know.
      Hi all ,

      I'm New here. My name is Joseph Harney and i'm a computer tech ( 30 years wasted in the field ) and a wanna be podcaster. Actually i'm still very good at PC and Servers - so if anyone needs help - i give good tips.

      I was told i have Tinnitus last month ( November 2014 ) in my right ear. I'm 57 going on 58.
      And to think i wanna do live internet podcasting now this ?!

      I'm feeling down because i lost my silence. I have a constant ringing in my right ear and sometimes a feeling of fullness. I ended with a full panic attack and everything went down hill last Sunday. I got dizzy and had spasms in my chest so i ended up in the hospital for 6 hours. I was discharged the same day.

      I'm new here and i see i'm not alone, but i am still scared. I currently take Xanax .50mg for a panic disorder ( been on it for 7 years ) and high pressure pills called Enipril ( altace ) 10mg for about 6 years.
      I'm not sure if these meds finally caught up to me to cause this T. Been told my Choslestrol is border line on the high side. ( yep im over weight by 90 pounds )

      I was seen by an ENT who looked in my ears and found no wax. He did a hearing test and compared it to the one last year. I have some hearing lose and he explained to me this can cause T, pluse maybe my age. He said it is coming from the brain. In January of 2015 he wants to run another test i forgot the name of it. I gotta also tell you i used to play my music LOUD.

      I can really use the support because some days it drives me crazy. I live in Brooklyn NY and i'm seeking out a support group so i can get out the house. Sometimes i play sound therapy i find on Youtube. Sounds like running water/rain/fans, etc. Sometimes it help, but not always. Anyone know of any support groups in Brooklyn

      Now I'm listening to Beethoven ( yeh i know he went deaf ) maybe i should switch to Mozart and he died young. Hmmm maybe Franz Lizst or Jerry Goldsmith ( he did soundtracks ) I must maintain my sense of humor or this T is gonna hurt me. Ah John Williams he's still around !!! Paganini anyone ?

      The ENT gave me Lipo - Flavonoid. I'm like WTF. Vitamins and some secret propriety formula. What the heck. So i tried it. Not sure if this works or not. I hear the Germans and Brits have T Clinics
      ( can't post links - oh well ) Acoustic CR Neurimodulation

      I just found this today. But they have no clinics in the USA. I wonder what the ATA thinks of this.

      Anyway - i hope i am welcomed here and i hope i didn't violate any forums rules, because i have no place to turn too in New York.
      It is now 12-24-2014 @ about 2:30 am working on someones PC and this website for my possible talk show ( now there will be a T section on the show). I find if i keep myself busy it helps a bit. But i want the T to go away.

      Oh one more thing ( Columbo ) - I'm William Shatner fan so i saw his youtube video on his experience with T while filming a star trek episode called Arena ( the Original series ).

      Anyway - I wish all you guys and girls the best and hope one day we All find Peace from this wicked T.
      Please have a safe Christmas, Hanukkah or some unknown holiday i know nothing about and may this New Year be your best.
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    2. PhilB

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      Hi Joseph - you've found the right place. There are many other Tinnitus forums on the internet but this one is the best.

      Your experience of panic and anxiety caused by tinnitus is something that most of use have been through but we come out the other end of it and we keep on going. No-one can say if your T will be temporary or permanent but don't be panicked by any of the scare stories you might read on this forum or elsewhere. The noise may or may not go away but you will begin to get your life back as soon as you learn to stop worrying about it. They say that 10% of the population have T and everyone goes through the initial phase of anxiety but the vast majority will eventually reach the point where the T is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Bob Dylan, Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton. Ozzy Osbourne - they are all members of the constant headnoise club.

      If you are interested in the Neuromodulation stuff, there is much information on here which will enable you to try it for yourself at very little financial cost. Good luck and stay positive.
    3. MichaelM

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      Meniere´s Disease/acoustic trauma?
      Welcome, @Joseph Harney. Season´s greetings from snowy Finland.

      This forum is The Place to be with tinnitus problems.
      It´s OK and natural to feel what you are feeling. Tinnitus isnt the nicest Xmas gift available but it is possible to keep on going with it and live life to the fullest. You will see. Great people here, very supportive and everybody understand what you are going through in initial phase.

      When someone mentions "fullness" i know exactly what that means. Have had that constantly since the spring of 2010. i was absolutely wrecked when it hit me and i understood it wasnt going to go away. That "ears clogged on an airplane" feeling. That´s middle ear, actually, but in my case the inner ear brings the same sensation...

      Anyway, welcome again.
    4. James Brown

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      Noise exposition-noise trauma-siren
      This fullness sensation can go away. For me just happened on the initial days of my T.
    5. uncle vikin

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      Subjective tinnitus r ear cause ( unknown)
      Hi Joseph, I'm from Nashville TN was in music business many years .I always knew I had some high end hearing loss in my right ear inwhich like you is the only one ringing but my left ear hearing has been damaged since I was 14 due to a firework accident I'm 50 now so why is it not ringing after all these years.Joseph I really don't think they know the exact causes of T but I do believe it is in the brain network.I had panic attacks ER the whole 9 yards of symptoms this is because I believe the so called fight or flight caused by T it gets your adrenal gland to produce cortisol .They say the sound is only in your brain but if we hear it then it's real to us.After 4 months I finally went to a phyc.dr .I'm on klodipin .5 a day ,he wants to put me on a anti D.ssri I'm now after two weeks stopped taking the ssri and I'm fixing to tapper off the klodipin,Joseph it does get better you have xanax if it works for your panic attacks use it but don't get to caught up taking meds try to manage your T naturally this is a chance for all of us to eat better ,exercise more and change our lives but it takes time. It will take baby steps but we all at some point have to just say this sound is not gonna hurt me it is bothersome but I will get used to it.Joseph something that helps me sleep is melatonin sr (sustained release) sleep is the hardest part of having T .Yes your right keep busy try to keep you mind off the T.We are all here together and yes you will hear it over and over nobody understands but us the ones going through it or some of the people have totally habituated to the sound and have been able to move on with their life.I'm still scared too after 4 month but it gets alittle better every step of the way .Hang in there . and merry christmas or holidays. Mike (uncle vikin)

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