Kryptopyrrole Disorder

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      After habituating pretty nicely to my tinnitus of two years to the point I only thought about it once or twice a day, it unfortunately spiked about three weeks ago with no improvement in sight, and I am back at square one, mentally and emotionally. I'm currently in the "internet research like crazy" state and came across something I hadn't read before.

      A blog post about Kryptopyrrole disorder (which I have never heard of) and its potential connection to tinnitus.

      The blog post below is intriguing, but the sound science behind kryptopyrroles seems questionable, and are not embraced by the mainstream medical community.

      Essentially, the findings of the article seem to promote large quantities of zinc and B6, which I know many sufferers of tinnitus are already trying.

      The article is intriguing to me because my tinnitus was initially brought on due to intense stress in my life, and this second spike is due to stress as well. I have never been affected by noise-induced tinnitus.

      I'm curious if anyone out there has experience with this potential disorder?
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