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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Shelly75, Aug 19, 2018.

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      Head Trauma/Cold?
      Thanks you:). I´ll be honest, during the week when i´m at work in my office ecc. i never use ear plugs. And last week my T was fantastic, didn´t bother me once during the whole week, slept in silence without a problem. Weekend i went to the gym 2 times with earplugs (T always gets a bit louder after a while with earplugs) and my T was a bit worse during the weekend.

      I don´t know if this is just normal fluctuation or something else, so don´t take this as a fact.
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      noise exposure while doing work on home

      When I manrtioned my tinnitus to my former boss, who is about 55, he said he had it for 10 years and also has hearing loss. This hasn't stopped him from doing his job as a college VP or tapered his love of live music.
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      Noise induced
      Loudness is a huge factor. My tinnitus is intermittent. I usually get 2 days in a row where it is is 1/10 then it can literally spike to a 10/10 for a day or 2 then it returns to a 1 or 2/10. I have much less stress on the quiet days than on the loud ones. If it would stay quiet I wouldn't even bother with this forum anymore. I could live fine like that. On the loud days it is literally screaming in my head. When it first began it was constant for about the first 8 months. I was starting to habituate I believe. Then about 5 months ago it became intermittent. It has changed from a high pitched ring to a high pitched hiss. When it is quiet it sounds like electrical static that I can only hear in a quiet room. The changes have me feeling like I'm riding an emotional rollercoaster. There is a huge difference between mild and severe tinnitus because I have both it seems.
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