Listening to Music and Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by bwspot, Sep 5, 2014.

    1. bwspot

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      I love music and I continue to listen to it at low levels 70-75DB max.
      Is it still ok to do so?
      Can specific sounds affect your T even at low levels?
      My T is high pitch but I love high tones a lot.
      As of today I still can hear the difference between a 0-16000hz and 0-22000hz bandwidth.
      For me there is more details in the high tones nevertheless the fact that my T is there.
      Weird, but true.
    2. eldudebro

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      Acoustic Trauma/Loud Music.
      I'm not sure.
      Since my T onset I have not listened to music at all and put my headphones in the bin.
      I just don't want to risk aggravating it. I do miss the music though.

      Perhaps through speakers it would be safe enough though. Just keep the volume down to safe levels.
    3. AUTHOR

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      That's what I am trying to figure out.
      What levels are safe? Is 70-75 safe? I noticed that outside my house where people talk in pubs, restaurants, even streets it is always more then 80-85db which is enough to harm our ears! Seems like it is just too loud everywhere.
    4. AntonR

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      I really don't think that listening to music quietly through headphones 60-75 DB is going to harm your tinnitus. Those levels of noise are completely safe for your hearing. I don't know what I would do all day If I couldn't listen to my music through headphones. The second I switch them on my anxiety and stress drop down by 10 levels.
    5. yonkapin

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      March 2012
      You sure can listen to music, just make sure it's at a sensible level and you'll be all sweet.

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