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Discussion in 'Support' started by jazz, May 23, 2015.

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      Recently, BBC radio published a brief piece on living with tinnitus. Narrating the piece is a male who got tinnitus from loud music venues. Obviously, the piece has been released to coincide with concert season. As such, the piece is like a PSA (public service announcement) to warn people about the dangers of loud music. Too bad the narrator didn't include suggestions to protect your hearing, e.g., wearing ear plugs.

      It would be nice to know how many people will/have heard this piece.

      Despite the good intentions of the piece, tinnitus sufferers will find it almost impossible to listen to. Interrupting the man's narrative is his loud, high pitched tonal tinnitus. I had to keep turning down my computer's volume unless I wanted his noise to spike me!

      Anyway, this type of exposure is excellent. I wish all concert goers were required to listen to something like this and given the option to buy ear plugs for a safer concert experience.

      Below is the link to the audio:
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      Great piece to remind me how sucky my life is. I wish there we be an off switch.
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      This article came about after the BBC picked up on a report we produced at The Tinnitus Clinic on the damage that recreational noise can do to people's hearing. The report does make recommendations about prevention through wearing ear defence / ear plugs but this didn't make it through to the website piece. There was an interview with our Chief Audiologist Mark Williams who authored the report, and this was aired several times on BBC world service. Anyone who is interested can download the report from our website at:

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