London Underground (subway) measured noise levels

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      Not sure quite where to post this, so admin please move it if necessary.
      Got this from a freedom of information request on the internet about the noise levels at Bank station (one of the London Underground stations). Seriously loud at times, highest recorded 123.1 dB. Not continuous but still ...
      No wonder I got tinnitus since starting to commute into central London! I'll definitely be wearing ear plugs for all tube journeys.

      "London Underground carries out noise monitoring at Bank station at least
      every 6 months to ensure compliance with the Control of Noise at Work
      Regulations 2005. The below table shows the last three sets of results.
      Two types of measurement are in the table, ‘dBA Leq’ and ‘LCpk’.
      dBA Leq is the Equivalent Continuous Level. It is useful to think of it as
      a type of average, where noisy events have a significant influence. LCpk
      is the C frequency weighted peak sound. The Noise Regulations contain
      action values and limits that London Underground adhere too. Staff work in
      the centre of the platform for a maximum of 1 hour per day to ensure noise
      exposure is as low as reasonably practicable.
      The noise at Bank is caused by trains, so staff and customers are only
      exposed to loud noise when a train approaches or leaves the platform.
      Customer exposure is typically less than 5 minutes whilst they wait for
      their train, therefore the level of noise they are exposed to is
      significantly reduced.
      Location March 2012 December 2011 May 2011
      Eastbound Platform 6 81.3 dB(A) LAeq 81.6 dB(A) Leq 83.2 dB(A) LAeq
      Headwall Area
      108.3 dB LCpk 111.4 dB LCpk 113.2 dB LCpk
      Eastbound Platform 6 87.9 dB(A) LAeq 86.5 dB(A) LAeq 88.2 dB(A) LAeq
      Middle Area
      118.0 dB LCpk 118.4 dB LCpk 113.2 dB LCpk
      Eastbound Platform 6 90.6 dB(A) LAeq 86.5 dB(A) LAeq 90.5 dB(A) LAeq
      Tailwall Area
      123.1 dB LCpk 118.2 dB LCpk 113.2 dB LCpk
      Westbound Platform 5 84.0 dB(A) LAeq 85.4 dB(A) LAeq 86.2 dB(A) LAeq
      Headwall Area
      118.4 dB LCpk 116.5 dB LCpk 116.9 dB LCpk
      Westbound Platform 5 88.9 dB(A) LAeq 88.7 dB(A) LAeq 90.9 dB(A) LAeq
      Middle Area
      120.1 dB LCpk 120.6 dB LCpk 121.2 dB LCpk
      Westbound Platform 5 90.4 dB(A) LAeq 89.4 dB(A) LAeq 90.2 dB(A) LAeq
      Tailwall Area
      121.1 dB LCpk 120.2 dB LCpk 119.8 dB LCpk"
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      Not to mention the loud speakers on the platforms. Argh.

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