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      woke up with sudden hearing loss in May 2015, went to ENT got the usual predisone treatment and MRI to eliminate tumor..just went on being miserable. In Dec 2015 ear fullness came back just like the first episode and would not go away. Ent told me it was nerve damage i was feeling, the ear was not full, I'd have to get used to it. I decided to get 2nd opinion. This doc said my sympyoms of ear cracking when blowing my nose or burping sounded like fluid in the ear even though none was visible. she prescribed direutic and within 3 days full feeling was gone and tinnitus volume was lowered to a 2 or 3 instead of its usual 7 or 8. At times I could hardly hear it at all , fantasized it was going away. Been on this med for a month , an amazing difference in my tinnitus, it's actually something i think i could live with now, not like before. Have your docs look at this, a water will is a pretty harmless med to try and it could really help.
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