Long time sufferer.

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      Hi everyone,
      My name is Rob, and I've had this for 10 years. I have looked for a forum like this before, and I'm glad to have found this one.

      I'm looking forward to hearing about other peoples experiences and attempts at treatment.

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      Welcome Rob. You'll meet great people here.

      Since you're a long-time sufferer, has your tinnitus recently gotten worse or what caused you to find a support forum?

      How are you coping with your tinnitus nowadays?

      Do you know what caused your tinnitus in the first place?
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      Hi Markku,

      My T is unchanged for several years, but it is present all the time, and in the last month it has been a bit louder (it varies in intensity and has for years as well). This has brought it to mind and with the holidays I've had more time to think about it (for better or worse).

      To answer your other questions, I feel lucky in that coping is not a problem, since mine is nowhere as bad as many seem to suffer. To me of course it is a problem, but compared to some others, it's not bad. I am aware of it, but most of the time is is ignored, just another background noise. It never goes away, but it's at a level that I can live with. Only when it gets louder, or has a sudden short spike, does it bother me.

      I am sure it is caused by long term exposure. I rode motorcycles for 15 years, and the wind noise would make my ears ring after a long day of riding. I also work in the aviation industry, and again long term noise exposure.

      I try to protect my hearing these days, but of course it's too late now.

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