Long-Time Tinnitus and Getting Tired of Doing Nothing About It

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by IrvineCAGuy, Jun 2, 2015.

    1. IrvineCAGuy

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      Irvine, CA
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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Genetic (maybe) or 10 years of my barking dog
      I started noticing the onset of Tinnitus some 15 years ago. I actually called out the water department to check for leaking pipes in the neighborhood because I would hear water running in the middle of the night. For the past 5 years my hearing is down by 50% and now the Tinnitus is making it's way to my other ear. ENTs, classic western doctors, etc all say, sorry, just live with it. I've been to herbalists, acupuncture, and alternative and get something similar - if anything it will take a long time to reverse if at all (and cost a lot, too). With all the advances in biology, chemistry and electronics, the 'truth is out there' somewhere. I'm going to find it.

      I'd like to hear from anyone who has been successful in reversing Tinnitus and hearing loss. Thanks.
    2. Craggy 65

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      Noise Trauma
      Hi,I think you might better spend your time doing something else.
    3. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      Good luck! When Autifony or AM-101 trials are completed and the drug(s) are finally licensed and available to the public, we may have a chance?

      Read the research forums here and hope for the best.


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