Long-Time Tinnitus Sufferer Caused by Loud Noise Exposure — It's Gotten Worse Over the Years

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      Noise exposure

      I first acquired tinnitus as a teenager watching my brother's band. I was very careful for 25 years and protected my ears wearing earplugs everywhere. Until a year ago. I had a brain fart, went to a club with work and must have subconsciously thought I had earplugs in. I really don't know what happened. Needless to say, I paid the ultimate price. After a year, I habituated, thankfully, until a month ago. I went to dinner and then to a relatively quiet empty pub to watch football and it escalated again with an added high pitch "insanity" squeal in the right ear. Not sure why my ears are so sensitive, as my brother has blasted his ears way more than me and has no tinnitus.

      Apparently my hearing is great, I doubt the results though. I am currently struggling day in/day out. My tinnitus impacts everything, every thought, work, home, everything. I can honestly say, this one scares me. The relentless sound is louder than the TV for example.

      I am on a waiting list for a psychologist. Like you all, I also have fingers crossed for a medical break through.

      Thank you.

      Stay safe and I wish you calm and habituation.
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