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      Hey everyone,
      Thanks for reading this. My Tinnitus started in July this year seemingly overnight. My head started ringing coming from the upper left inside of my head as well the let side of my headandneck became tighten end up. My head felt under pressure. The ringing was almost more a high pitched tone and would almost go away during the day but as soon as I lay down to sleep, loud as hell. The neurologist said this was an occipital neuralgia. Well who cares. Alls I know is it has just changed and morphed and not gone away over the months.
      Now what I hear is pretty much all the sounds in the "this is my tinnitus" intro video, as well as hissing gong like ringing, very strange. Now when I chew it makes the sound worse which points to the tri geminal nerve I guess. I really hear these sounds inside my head, the nerves in my head. It's not in my ear.
      I have had an MRI,MRA,MRV, cuts can, blood work. Of course nothing. I ws prescribed topamax which I think kinda makes it better And worse in some ways.
      So any ideas, thoughts? What kind of Doc should I go to?

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