Looking for Great Highmark ENTs to See?

Discussion in 'Support' started by AnnieM, Nov 1, 2015.

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      PROBABLY long term exposure to the sound of motors/blowers
      Okay, this is way out there but on the thought that nothing's impossible, here goes:

      I live in the Pittsburgh, PA region. When this round of T started, I had health insurance that would cover both Highmark and UPMC doctors - I tried four doctors, all of whom were through UPMC, and although ONE did have experience with T nothing that was prescribed/suggested helped.

      But to cut to the chase, I'm having some odd T symptoms lately along with what I'm perceiving to be some mild hearing loss in the upper frequencies (treble and "highs" aren't sounding right) and would like to go see another doctor. HOWEVER - my insurance has changed and I can only now visit Highmark doctors (otherwise I pay full cost out of pocket). Is there anyone on this forum in my area, and if so, who do you go to as an ENT? I'd LIKE to visit someone who has a relatively good working knowledge of T (as opposed to most of the last round, for whom mentioning T was met with "Oh, well, sorry, you're screwed then - nothing we can do" and almost literally shoving me out the door). Feel free to email me directly if you prefer at tonks3cat@gmail.com. I'll do the legwork and find out if the doctor accepts Highmark insurance, but I'm simply looking for some names of folks to try.

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