Looking for Help: Severe Anxiety and Depression — Safe Medicines to Take?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Greg12345, Mar 3, 2019.

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      Hi my names Greg and I’m 32. I’m a recovering alcoholic of 10 years. I’m currently 60 days sober. I have had tinnitus for about 5 years now but only noticed it at night. I’ve been too a lot of music concerts and loud headphones. Since I’ve quit drinking though I noticed my tinnitus has increased to the point that I can’t stop hearing and it bothers me a lot.

      But I have a question. I’m severely depressed and have extreme anxiety. What would be a good antidepressant that does not exacerbate the tinnitus even more? Any vitamins that can help lower the volume or get my mind off it?
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      Well done on 60 days... This is the hard part, so you're sure to feel depressed and the stress might make your tinnitus more intrusive.

      I don't know about antidepressants, you need to search through the threads and find a list of drugs that are not ototoxic, bad for your ears. I did that once and never saw a doctor. Definitely do your research and do meds under the supervision of a competent and caring professional. I self medicated for a while and got off as well... not cool.

      Vitamins... people speak of turmeric, curcumin... I want to try these...
      Magnesium... and of course the Vitamin B family is a good idea if you're off the juice...

      Diet is wicked important and so is exercise, I wish I had cleaned up at your age... so don't give up.

      I hope these are ideas are useful... reach out and get some help if you're worried about relapsing and with your tinnitus. Your tinnitus might soften by protecting your ears and not going to bars and gigs... and as your stress levels reduce... hang in there.
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      Hello Greg !

      I am really sorry that you feel this way... :(

      Same as you I had severe depression and always had some anxiety troubles since I was a kid...

      I am taking the Antidepressant "Escitalopram" at 20mg once a day (morning) and it helped me a lot !

      Also some "Quetiapin" at 50mg for the anxiety, also helping me a lot !

      I hope this could help you and I recommend you to talk about it with a psychiatrist...

      All the Best !

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      Quetiapine aka Seroquel is ototoxic though. I take Agomelatine or Valdoxan.

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