Looking for Input on Sedation — Fentanyl/Versed — Propofol — Also GOLYTELY

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mystery Reader, May 21, 2018.

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      Hi all,

      I have to schedule a couple of tests (colonoscopy and upper endoscopy) that will require sedation. The doc who will be doing these uses either Propofol or a combination of Versed and fentanyl via IV to do this.

      Obviously, I have concerns about anesthesia and tinnitus and am looking for some info here.

      I don’t want sedation at all, and when I told the scheduling office why I was concerned about it, the girl I spoke to was very understanding, said I could do the colonoscopy without it, but that the doc who will be doing the tests requires that sedation be used for the upper endoscopy.

      Of these choices (Propofol, versus the fentanyl & Versed combo), which in the tinnitus community is considered to be the least likely to either temporarily or, perhaps permanently, spike tinnitus?

      I understand no one here can tell me what to do and that my experience could differ from yours, but any input from anyone who has used the Versed/fentanyl “cocktail” or Propofol would be appreciated, and whether or not it had any effect on your tinnitus one way or the other.

      I’ve looked online but haven’t really found anything concrete – maybe there isn’t anything concrete to find!

      I’m truly concerned about this and although the final decision is mine, I’d appreciate any information at all from folks here who have had to have anesthesia after the onset of their tinnitus.

      Also, the colonoscopy will require using a bowel cleanser (probably GOYTELY) the day before the test. Is there any info on possible effects on tinnitus or do you have any experience to share about that, yourself?

      Thanks so much for reading this, and to anyone who has any input, here.

      Mystery Reader
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      I’m in the same boat, need surgery for abdominal hernia which is only getting bigger and bigger but I keep postponing surgery due to the same fear as you.

      There really is no rules with this condition, what may be harmless for one person it may cause serious damage to another.

      Let us know if you go ahead with your exam and what was used.

      Good luck!
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      increasingly uncertain, maybe noise, maybe somatic ?
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      I had Propofol for some surgery. It made absolutely no difference to my tinnitus. If I ever have to have another op, I wouldn't hesitate in having Propofol.

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