Loud Blast from Car Radio — My Ears Are Now Sore

Discussion in 'Support' started by wonderful9235, May 23, 2020.

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      Today, I got into my dad's car and he had the stereo up at full volume. As soon as I got in it blasted in my ear, and it took my a few seconds to turn the volume down because everything is touch screen in there. Now my ears are sore.

      Is there anything I should do to mitigate some of the damage? Is this anything to worry about? Last time I had a loud blast I went to urgent care, but that's not an option for me now as I can't afford it.
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      Loud noise
      The only treatments for acute noise trauma are Prednisone and corticosteroid ear injection.
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      Acoustic Trauma
      You would definitely want to do that if you were around something like a gun shot. When the sound is less loud it isn't clear what to do, as Prednisone can have bad side effects:
      In any case, you will want to minimize exposure to all noises, especially the ones that make your ears sore, as this can't be promoting your healing. Having said that, most spikes are temporary (temporary spikes can last over three months). So don't worry Too much...

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