Loud "Click" in Right Ear When I Swallow and Move Back of Mouth Muscles

Discussion in 'Support' started by OPlax, Sep 26, 2016.

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      As the title says, I hear a VERY sharp, loud click when I swallow and move the back of my mouth muscles. It only happens to my right ear.

      Episodes of this start most mornings and most nights. Never really bothers me during the day. It almost sounds like my ears are popping almost like when you swallow when you are on a plane

      My ENT said it might be a cold a mucus and it's aggravating my estauchian tube dysfunction. He prescribed Flonase and will follow up on results. Does anybody else have this?
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      Acoustic Trauma/Vascular
      Yes I have this, really really bad. It's eating away at my hearing every time it happens and making me sick. My muscles have been very tight all along my throat, face, and TMJ, and are likely not contracting as they should, so they may affecting my middle ear/eustachian tube pressure gradient in some way. Still have not figured out the real mechanism behind this problem with my ear doc. but I will let you know when I find out.

      Other ideas to consider. Someone else mentioned to me that eustachian tubes can experience states of constant negative pressure regardless of fluid accumulation or infection; when swallowing there is thus a dramatic equalization of pressure, resulting in the loud, forceful explosion, which could be your case. You might also be having reactive contractions in one of your middle ear muscles when your facial muscles are contracting.
      All of these problems can be related to TMJ or tight facial muscles, and not just eustachian tube dysfunction. Do you have either of these problems?

      In the meantime, what I would recommend to at least decrease the number of *bangs* is to always keep your throat and mouth hydrated (drink lots of water). You should also use a generic nasal spray to keep the sinuses and ear tube openings moist. Both have helped my problems to a small degree.
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