Loud Construction Equipment Might Have Damaged My Hearing

Discussion in 'Support' started by parabellum, May 20, 2021.

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      Acoustic trauma
      Three days ago, I went to a loud industrial area. I didn't bring any earplugs. I should have brought some or leave the area right away. But I didn't; I stayed for a little while.

      I am worried that I have damaged my hearing. I already suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss so my auditory system might be more sensitive. I was exposed to loud construction equipment that was quite painful for maybe 10 minutes.

      I am hoping my hearing can recover somewhat. I still have some pain and feelings of itchiness in my ears. I won't be making this same mistake again.
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      Yeah those constructing sites can be loud and annoying for ear problems.

      I recently went by one and it gave me a spike. I went back to check with sound meter because that's what I do sometimes and it was 80 decibels across the road but that was with those big foundation drill equipment that move in first in high rise apartment sites so they are very loud.

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