Loud Family Members and Tinnitus...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Champ, Dec 15, 2013.

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      Hey guys,

      I'm suffering through a spike right now that's been going on for a few days, and I'm not doing too great right now. My sister (out of college, both of us are temporarily at home until we get our own places) brought her friends over (all of which are great) but after hanging around them for a while my sisters extreme loudness is causing me tons of distress... I walked off as though I'm just getting some water but I don't think I'm going back. My ears are blaring and have been for days but this scenario has made it feel worse :( I don't know how to deal with her sometimes... I have told her a ton of times how when she gets overly giddy or ridiculous and gets loud that it's painful for me, but she either forgets or doesn't care and just lets herself get carried away yellaughing (it's like a yell + laughing at the same time...) or being loud when she knows it hurts to hear.

      Argh, my head feels crummy right now T_T I want to hang out with her buddies because they're good times but I'm afraid of suffering more permanent damage around her... this spike has been driving me crazy enough recently and now her explosions of sound near me are causing me to be more distressed...
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      Bad luck and bad genes
      People will never understand unfortunately, unless they themselves will get tinnitus. But it seems the worse the people threat their ears the better some are, meanwhile we're taking these extreme precautions with loud sounds and still get worse and worse. It's like doing the right thing and getting punished for it. Not too dissimilar to how the real world works.
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      Perhaps you could wear earplugs around them, you cant give up good times yet. Personally I spent this weekend with my dad's gf's kids, one of them being a super loud one, and it's hard to weight when you should wear earplugs (as I should have when she pops up out of the blue next to your head). since it's people who shouldnt be scream and yell. People often tell me to quiet down as I have an extremely loud voice myself even when speaking normally and it's not that you don't care .
      Today for me there's an invitation for family time which will include a one year old and most likely a lot of bagground music. It's going to be hard (as a dj) to tell them to shut it off, but either I toughen up and ask them, leave if they refuse, or don't go and isolate myself completely. Surely treshold differs but I'm definitely to test out what I can before determing based on what I don't know. Speaking off.. My mother just summoned me to the livingroom, to hold a nail while she would hammer it as loud as she could, not sure if she doesn't care or don't think about it, the annoyance was clear though. -.-

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