Lovely Crispy Day, Went Skiing

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ento, Feb 28, 2018.

    1. Ento

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      Acoustic trauma? Stress? Both?
      Hi all.

      Crispy -17c outside today, the third day in a row. I went skiing early in the morning. The sound of skis on snow is very soothing :).

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    2. Imshael

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      Likely jaw and/or neck issues
      Good to see that you're enjoying yourself. :)

      Looks like you have much nicer weather than it is here. Even so, snow is always pretty and I did manage to get this little video during my walk today (felt as if my fingers would fall off, but it was worth it).
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    3. Starthrower

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      January 2002
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      Dental Surgery
      Beautiful photo and video Imshael! Sounds very peaceful there.

      Looking at the sunshine on the ocean now. The water shines like a clean mirror and a sailboat is drifting along in the distance.
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    4. Frizz

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      January, 2018
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      Elephant ear washer (Ear syringing)
      So jealous of the snow. I wish I lived somewhere where it snowed 365 days a year. :love:
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