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Discussion in 'Support' started by Faite, Oct 13, 2018.

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      Hi all,

      Forgive the fairly long first post but I'm hoping I can gain some sanity on what I've been experiencing recently that's causing a huge amount of distress.

      Around the end of 2014, I suffered a week long panic attack that I couldn't shake and my GP eventually prescribed propranolol and sertraline. (I had one dose of the latter as I didn't really need them and overcome the troubles myself) However I blacked out from standing onto a hard floor and the following days developed a sporadic "hum" in my right ear. The odd sound, or swallowing would set it going but it would stop as quickly as it started. I overall learned to live with this as it wasn't too obtrusive.

      Skip to approx a week ago and this incessant "hum" is more frequent, now being triggered by external noise such as a subwoofer or a door closing. The sound is very low frequency (around 75 Hz) but is enough to feel like my whole head is vibrating and if I allow it to continue I'll have a lightheaded dizziness episode. If I leave it to continue, I can no longer make out other sounds as it is fairly loud. My left ear appears fine, my right seems to be the cause of it. Swallowing, listening to bass, doors, typing on a keyboard, male voices etc will all trigger it and sometimes just touching my ear. It feels like it spasms inside and can sometimes trigger this noise. I get the odd shooting pain in both ears but my right is most affected. Feeling like it is full and my head feels like it has increased pressure. I've developed some kind of scratchy click on the right side jaw joint. Overall, I'm experiencing as if my jaw is too big for my head and like something is wanting to push the joints apart.

      Thankfully I can get this "hum" to stop; opening my jaw, moving my jaw to the side, making another external noise, talking etc. but it just starts up as easily.

      Both ears pop when I swallow but they have done this for as long as I can remember.

      Travelling in a car will cause amounts of dizziness where I almost feel nauseous (when its at this point, my ear doesn't actually buzz as easily)

      My GP is fairly dismissive of it all, advising I take Sudafed congestion tablets. I've been doing this and zero change.

      Has anyone experienced similar? I may not have made much sense as I feel quite out of it.

      Thank you.
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      I had the exact same thing happen. Left ear, low-pitched hum that I could make go away by moving my jaw, etc. one day in 2014, it just wouldn't go away. It was loud, and really affected my well being. Went to an ENT, who naturally didn't/couldn't do anything for me. Fast forward 3 years, and it went away completely. I don't know how or why, but it's gone, and has been gone for well over a year. The only remnant is low bass can't make me hear a vibration/distortion sound. That only seems to happen when my bass player is sound checking, or a piped-out Harley rides by me, etc.

      I think this type of T is what they're working on at the U of Minnesota and Michigan.
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      @Faite , I also had this type of Tinnitus. Incredibly distressing. Mine didn't respond to any movements i made or sounds i heard, it was just constant.

      @swc5150 , are they really working on this type of T? Awesome.
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      most likely stress/anxiety
      @Faite I know its been over a year since this post was written but I figured I'd give it a shot because...

      I have literally the EXACT same thing going on as you described. Now that its been a year, have you had any changes. Has anything helped? Anything made it worse? I hope you're getting relief and would love to hear any info you've got since most ENTs seem to be worthless for this...

      @swc5150 Thats awesome to hear your vibrating went away! Do you attribute it to anything? Do you think it was just the passing of time that did it or something else? Do you know where I can find info on the university research regarding this condition? Thanks!
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      I still have it. I'm not sure if I'm getting used to it or whatever. Some days are worse than others. I had brief relief after changing my bed (I had an old one and it was definitely due) - after sleeping in the new one, the first two days I didn't have any buzzing. But it came back on the third day. I'm currently pretty awful at the minute, a new high pitched constant ringing and dizziness along with the low freq. buzz that is triggered completely randomly.

      With all that said, I think perhaps mine is related to a sedentary lifestyle, bad posture and maybe that fall I experienced some years back. I work in IT so spend a lot of time sat down looking at screens.

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