Low/High Pitch Tinnitus Spikes — Is Low Pitch Good?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dave555, Feb 3, 2020.

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      Power tools
      I have a high pitch tone in my right ear, and occasionally, especially in the morning but lately at night too, I hear a low grumbling sound and I cannot hear the frequency externally generated from my noise masking speaker. At first, the low pitch sound scared me, but now I'm wondering if it is good. I should not be able to hear the sound masking because it is at the frequency where I have hearing loss. That sound masking should be inaudible shouldn't it? Why would we generate a sound to mask tinnitus when we should not hear the sound at all? It's so strange. My brain is not accepting the fact that I have hearing loss at that frequency. It's so stubborn. I am thinking the low pitch is really what I should be experiencing. It's a strong and scary feeling but it's more tolerable if I am patient with it I think.

      Anyway, why does the brain create a sound that does not exist? I'm not out of the woods. I've been experiencing extreme fluctuations the past week.
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      I don't see why a low pitch tinnitus would be a good sign... but it is much easier to live with than high pitched tinnitus.
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