Low Pitch Rumbling and Amplified Sounds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by II Packy II, Dec 22, 2013.

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      I have high pitched ringing already and my ENT just said I have a mild conductive hearing loss in my right ear. He said he believes it's inflammation and gave me a steroid pack.

      I went to get some chicken last night for my family and noticed when I was driving, everything was amplified in my right ear. I'm also experiencing a spontaneous rumble that seems to pick up randomly. It's stressing me out because I don't need another type of tinnitus. I read that inflammation in the ear can cause this vibration like sensation and the rumbling. But I'm confused why everything has been amplified recently. Has anyone experienced this and do you think it will pass? I just hope it's muscle spasms and not my ear, but this is new -_-
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      Bad luck and bad genes
      Yeah the last time I took steroids (prednisone) after a spike I also developed something like a rumbling or vibrating. But it went away after some time after finishing up the dosage so it's nothing to worry about.
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      Loud explosion
      Did this vibration sound go away after some time? Going through this now after a bad flu?

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