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      single sided deafness
      In April 2013 I was hospitalized with severe vertigo, could not walk, if I opened my eyes the room was spinning and I would get sick, headache, high blood pressure. Had traveled out of state twice in two months, back to back plane trips. Had sinus infection before hospitalization. Got vertigo under control. Realized in hospital that I could not hear out of my right ear. ENTs don't come to hospitals. Saw ENT after discharge from hospital. First ENT said there was nothing they could do. Second ENT gave me steroids and meclizine. One injection in ear of steroid. Vertigo got better. Hearing loss stayed, along with tinnitus. Was in bad car accident in August 2013, hit my head, knocked unconscious, air bags deployed. Seemed like the tinnitus was worse after that.
      Have lived with this constant ringing ever since, along with deafness in right ear and cannot locate where sound is coming from. Seems like stress increases noise, along with having to go pee really bad (for real). That's my story. Wish I could do something for it. When it gets real bad, alprazolam helps.

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