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      Im 25, a communications student at Cal Sate Long Beach, I have a part-time business, Im a good mentor to my co-ed Fraternity, I live in Los Angeles, California, but also lived in Long Beach which I consider to be my second home, I love drawing, I love the beach now more than ever (helps with masking the t.), I like riding my fixie (bicycle), I love food and cooking (trying at least), I want to try dieting and getting fit to help my overall health (and t.), I haven't been myself lately but Im still a funny guy. I enjoy meeting new people and dating interesting women. If you live nearby and would like to be friends or better yet date, you can visit my FaceBook profile by searching me by name: Carlos Andrei Chavarin or by email: I would love to meet people that have t. like me and become friends, and if you are a female maybe date if we have a mutual attraction or things in common we'd like to explore. I think it would be fun and different to date someone with t., it would make things so much easier and we could actually relate to a lot going on in our lives. Im not afraid to put myself out there, especially for the right girl, but I don't mind becoming just friends. Lets see how this goes, feel free to message me if you live near my area :)

      PS. Im not looking for advice or opinions on why this is a bad idea, no matter how bad my t. is, Im still a good flirt and person to date, only positive comments please. If you think this is a bad idea, you probably aren't the type of person Im looking for in the first place anyway. Thank you.

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