Meniere's Disease Linked to Poor Sleep Quality, Not Just Duration

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Gene Poz, Feb 5, 2018.

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      The following paper seems to indicate that Meniere's disease is indeed linked to poor sleep quality. This means that even after you've gone to sleep and slept a normal amount of time, you may not have spent enough time in deep recuperative sleep, and will wake up exhausted.

      I wonder how many doctors are aware of this.
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      Stress, hearing loss, sinus infections, ... ?
      Indeed, I don't have meniere's but I have long standing T's and also bad sleep since more then 17 years, du to sleep apneas, I also hear new T's or louder T when I wake up with sleep apnea. Sleep is probably one of the most important things, if you don't sleep correctly you can't be in good health. The issue is that it's not that easy.
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      Magnesium citrate in hot water.

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