Mental Question: Tinnitus And Your Thought Process.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rich, Mar 2, 2013.

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      Ok this question is hard to explian but I'll try. This is a very specific question too so wont be for everyone who has Tinnitus.

      So has anywhere here that has Tinnitus, live with it at first (maybe days, months, or even years) but that moment of knowing what Tinnitus was, knowing that it had a name was when you started freaking out about it? Paying attention to it? Wondering what the hell happened?

      So then your thoughts (anxeity or depression whatever you have or dont have) effect your judgement and what exactly is wrong with you or what "you think" is wrong with you? I've read here many times that one of the uiltmate treatments of sorts is getting used to it. That is your mind though letting you after time I suppose. For anyone here does it do the opposite to you? Does Tinnitus effect your life so bad that even though if you did infact live with it in the past that just knowing what it is change everything despite your hearing actually not changing at all?
    2. Emma

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      My t was faint a year ago. i didnt know what t was back then. i was a little worried about the sound being there. What caused me anxiety was when the t got loud six months ago. i still didnt really know what t was. so knowing what t was didnt start me getting anxious. It was when this sound got louder that i realize it had a name.
    3. Karen

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      I agree, Emma. I had mild tinnitus (from exposure to loud sound) for 20-some years, and it didn't bother me. It was when my tinnitus got very loud, bothersome, and life-disrupting that I became anxious and frightened. So, no, it wasn't putting a name to the condition "tinnitus" that caused the anxiety; it was the severity of it.
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      I have both reactions. I have always known what tinnitus is and always thought how horrendous it would be to have it and that I wouldnt be able to live with it. Then, 20 years later I get it. So I was scared because I knew already what it was.
      Then its been getting louder and louder and changing character and being more intrusive and disrupting my life so I've been terrified by that too.

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