Meteorite Hits in Russia (On-Topic)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Emma, Feb 15, 2013.

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      The first thing I thought about when I saw the news that a meteorite fell/hit in Russia was about the sonic boom that was reported. All I could think about was the hearing loss/tinnitus that might have resulted from that. Anyone else have this thought cross their mind? How conscious are you about ears/hearing in general now? When you hear about certain things (like the meteorite) do you make a connection/think about how it affected people's ears? I hope everyone in that Russian town are okay or will be ok. :(
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      Wow... :D

      I personally am careful around sources of loud noise and always carry earplugs with me (I used them today while buying stuff in castorama - loud place!) but I never thought of dangers from outer space...

      I think for a meteorite to affect your hearing, you would have to be very close to the epicenter where it hits. But then it might affect a bit more than just your hearing :eek: In the end, it's just a huge rock, isn't it. I think there is nothing to worry about Emma :)
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      I thought about it too, for the people who were near it Emma. I also thought about it being a bit loud from my TV!

      I always think of noise levels now, always. And I'm always thinking about T.
    4. stantheman

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      Yes, since I got tinnitus I am careful about loud noises. The noise caused by the meteorite cannot be any worse than the high pitched screams of my 3 yo granddaughter. I always take my ear plugs with me when we go visiting.

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